December 09, 2019
Important unpublished study by Fernando Távora launched in Porto
Fernando Távora’s unpublished 1969 book “Study of the Urban Renewal of Barredo” was presented on 6 December, in the auditorium of the Soares dos Reis National Museum in Porto. It is a key work in the field of architecture and rehabilitation of historic centres that was developed in collaboration with Porto City Council’s housing services. In this study, the architect Fernando Távora outlined a comprehensive and rigorous plan that aimed to solve the housing problem in the Barredo area. The importance of this work and the philosophy it contained was later reflected in the creation of CRUARB (Commissariat for the Urban Renewal of the Ribeira/ Barredo Area), for the purpose of rehabilitating the historic centre. This unit subsequently prepared the candidature of the Historic Centre of Porto to be listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The multidisciplinary philosophy advocated by the author was used as a model in other interventions in Portuguese historical centres, and disseminated the visionary concepts introduced by the study, which continues to be profoundly up-to-date.