Artigianato fiorentino, Cornici Maselli | Laura Plumina, 2017


The Diagnosis Study, which is under the responsibility of Santiago de Compostela, aims to characterize each WHS and identify the main common challenges faced by each partner in the management of their WHS.

Studies-Diagnosis Study
Diagnosis Study

The Thematic Study on Common Challenges, which is under the responsibility of Florence, has the main common challenges indicated in the Diagnosis Study as its starting point, analysing them in depth and identifying the best practices and recommendations to deal with them.

Studies-Thematic Study on Common Challenges
Thematic Study on Common Challenges

The Methodology for Strategic/Operational Management and Sustainability Plans, which is under Porto's responsibility, aims to create a framework that allows all partners to address their common challenges in a uniform way, both at a strategic and operational levels.