December 02, 2019
4th International Meeting of the AtlaS.WH project
On 28th and 29th November, Santiago de Compostela hosted the 4th International Meeting: Management and Strategies for Live and Sustainable Historic Cities: Atlantic Area as an Example. Gumersido Guinarte, the Councilor of Presidency, Institutional Relations, Holy Year and Tourism (Municipality of Santiago de Compostela) stressed the importance of the AtlaS.WH project within the management of the Historic Centres that constitute the partnership of this project.
The public session on 29th November took place in the Centre for Advanced Studies of the University of Santiago de Compostela. After a brief presentation of AtlaS.WH by Porto, the representatives of Santiago de Compostela made known the main results of the Diagnosis Study, followed by the representatives of Florence who, also, made known the outputs of Thematic Study on Common Challenges. As a result of the studies mentioned above, Porto has publicly presented the Methodology for Management and Sustainability Strategy.