January 20, 2020
Culture and sustainability: a training course for school heads and teachers
The training course, named “Museum and Culture for a Sustainable Development. A quality, fair and inclusive education to learn _ to live within the world _ it was organized with the support of MUS.E Association. The course offers to school directors and teachers an educational opportunity that suggests a new vision of the educational sphere, intertwining the objectives of the National Guidelines and those of the Agenda 2030 as well as integrating school programs with the global education for sustainable development. The course is open to managers, directors and teachers of all levels and is organised by MUS.E and the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence. Lessons are taking place at MAD (Murate Art Project, piazza delle Murate, Florence) from the 21st of January until the 11th of February 2020.
One of the fundamental objectives of the Global Education 2030 Agenda defined by UNESCO is to "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. In this context, heritage, cultural heritage and museums play a key role. They are ludic, experiential and learning spaces in which to develop ethical and aesthetic individual and collective behaviours and through which we can take care of ourselves and also of other people. The course is part of the European project “AtlaS.WH “which aim to raise awareness among students and teachers regarding the protection and the valorisation of cultural heritage - tangible and intangible - of our city. The experience proposes an innovative training process, which which integrates principles of Sustainability, with a participatory teaching method aimed aiming to understand the managing of cultural heritage of the area, the ability to perceive it and communicate it to future generations.