January 03, 2020
Heritage Classroom
Santiago de Compostela joins the VII Edition of “Heritage Classroom”, and educational program which aims to make children aware of the importance of living in a World Heritage city. The beneficiaries of this wide program are groups of children from both middle and high school in the 15 cities that are part of the network “Ciudades Patrimonio de la Humanidad de España” and who will present a project on the best practices in the areas of conservation and dissemination of World Heritage.

The previous editions of “Heritage Classroom” counted with the participation of about 9,000 students, a very significant number revealing that young people are involved and actively participate in the activities of investigation and diffusion of the fundamental values of the 15 Spanish cities inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The "Heritage Classroom” contributes to the awareness raising of young people to the importance of better knowing and safeguarding world heritage sites, competing for the capitalization objectives of AtlaS.WH.
URL: https://www.elcorreogallego.es/santiago/ecg/lujo-estudiar-vivir-capital-galicia-tiene-premio/idEdicion-2020-01-03/idNoticia-1221774