July 21, 2021
Sharing of the management project plan
The new management plan for Bordeaux, Port de la Lune is the result of a double co-construction: with the partners of the AtlaS-WH network and with the services of the city and the metropolis of Bordeaux. The document produced has been discussed with local elected officials on July 30, 2021, with services on July 2 and with local partners on July 12 and 19, 2021. These presentations and exchanges promote a wider dissemination and enhancement of the new management plan. It will be presented to the public during European Heritage Days on September 18, 2021 at the local library. The maps produced within the framework of this project with “Agence d’urbanisme de Bordeaux et d’Aquitaine” illustrate the diversity and complementarity of actions and strategies concerning Bordeaux, Port de la Lune, its buffer zone and the metropolitan territory. Chronophotographies serve to illustrate the management plan, and more generally, testify of the evolution of the territory of Bordeaux, port of the Moon. They constitute a precious tool for the Local UNESCO Bordeaux Committee which assesses the architectural, urban and landscape transformations of the site.
Later on, all this material will be set into an exhibition.