July 21, 2021
The Management and Sustainability Plan: development of the Preparatory Document for the AtlaS.WH project
In the context of the European project AtlaS.WH, following the Diagnosis Study made by Santiago de Compostela, the Thematic Study on good practices carried out by Florence, following the development of the Methodology carried out by Porto and all the studies and reports conducted by the project partners (Porto, Santiago de Compostela, Bordeaux, Edinburgh and Florence), the city of Florence is realizing the drafting of the new Management and Sustainability plan of the Historic Center of Florence, which will be processed by the end of 2021. For this reason, Florence have drawn up a preparatory document (draft) for the new Management and Sustainability Plan, in Italian and English language.
The “Management and Sustainability Plan of the Historic Centre of Florence – World Heritage site” will be adopted by the end of 2021, expiration date of the previous Management Plan, approved in 2016. The document, also drafted in the context of the European project AtlaS.WH, is featured by the following dimensions:
International  dimension
  1. Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (2011);
  2. Strategic Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2015);
  3. Actions identified within the Helsinki Action Plan for Europe (2015-2016);
  4. Recommendations emerged from the UNESCO/ICOMOS Advisory Mission (2017);
  5. Strategic objectives identified in the “Methodology for the development of Management Plans for Urban World Heritage Sites elaborated by the Interreg project atlas.WH (2019).
  1. Threats identified during the compilation of the Periodic Report (see below N#7), and thereby the Macro Areas and Objectives of the previous Management Plan of the Historic Centre of Florence (2016);
  2. Mayor’s Mandate Program (2019)
  3. Operational Plan (2020)
  4. Project “Rinasce Firenze” (2020) in response to the new dynamics and need after the outbreaking of the COVID-19 pandemic).