October 01, 2021
VII International Seminar: Knowledge, Protection and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage
On Monday the 11th of October 2021, the VII International Seminar entitled "Knowledge, Protection and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage" took place in the University of Florence, Santa Teresa Department. The Seminar was organized by the Interdepartmental Research Unit Florence Accessibility Lab, University of Florence, by the Grupo de investigación Ciudad, Arquitectura y Patrimonio Contemporáneos and the Instituto Universitario de Arquitectura y Ciencias de la Construcción (IUACC) of the Universidad de Sevilla, under the coordination of Gianluca Belli | Carlos Plaza scientific committee Gianluca Belli | Antonio Lauria | Carlos Plaza Research and knowledge transfer for the management of the architectural heritage. The seminar was an opportunity to discuss about themes of protection, safety and enhancement of cultural heritage especially between Italy and Spain.
A comparison between research experiences, discussing issues related to the European project AtlaS.WH. Carlo Francini, site manager of the Historic Centre of Florence World Heritage Site (Municipality of Florence) illustrated the methodology of the new Management and Sustainability Plan of the Historic Centre of Florence, highlighting the research carried out with the European project AtlaS.WH.
During the seminar, emphasis was also placed on the issues of safeguarding the architectural heritage of the territory, the research for new technological and organizational solutions for managing damage and the system of the governance to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the restoration works. The preservation of memory represents, in fact, a fundamental element of the identity of the places and the sense of belonging of the communities, an essential legacy to the future generations, to build a sustainable future.